Love myself 2009…

…I guess this self centered life style started back in January. Kolette Hall`s class “A life well crafted” and Ashley Wren`s “Love yourself 2009” and a determination of loosing weight…without dieting. 🙂 Yes, I can be a optimist if I want to. Okay, that did not turn out the way I planned it. The good thing about dieting is that it works. In January I started at 62 kg and stopped at 60. This time around I started at 65 kg. Today I weighed in at 60 kg.


This is too fast without moving my body, and I am not motivated for that these days. So – I need a new plan. Slowing down is really difficult for me so I have to work hard on that. To keep myself motivated I made this cute little minibook, inspired by one of Shimelle`s blogging friends this last weekend. Can`t remember who. Hm, I have to go back to Shimelle`s blog and find out.


Shimelle`s class: Go to Press – started at 2Peas today. We are learning to use our printer to make elements for our pages. Shimelle give us prompts and new downloads every day. Printer, paper and downloads may save me, since I did take the challenge from Lisa Day to make 60 layouts without shopping for stash. I may have to buy card-stock though.


Since I still have room in my “The challenge of Me” album I made the front page for that album with today`s downloads. I will do my best to use Shimelle`s prompts and downloads, but I will not make an album for these layouts.  Since tomorrow is f…Tuesday again I better start preparing for bed….

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