..@JessicaSprague. Since I am staying home during my three weeks of vacation I thought I needed something to play with so I signed up for Jessica`s new class starting yesterday. Who am I fooling? I would have signed up anyway.:) I didn`t have time to start last night so I have worked my way through the first lesson today. As always – something went wrong. Guess I have to do it all over again tomorrow. Once or twice….


I have always wondered how you made that cool line around your image. Now I know. Hurray! And then comes the brushes…


So – it is hard to know when to stop…:)

Shimelle produced new printouts today. Witch I didn`t know what to do with. But I had a memorie that would fit in my ME-album so I opted to print the image directly on the layout.


I wanted a guitar. I really thought that I could learn how to play. It couldn`t be that hard. Everyone could play a guitar. Hm…I never had the will to keep going. But, I did learn one song – a hymn, and we had fun. At the time we were allowed to sing even if we had no talent.

And I finished and framed a collage made for my Unravelling class.


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