Working with May Flaum`s recipes…

It was dark outside when I came home from work. And still there is one week before I start my vacation. I really hope there are some nice late summer days left out there for me. I was back at working the evening shift today so I had the day off to scrapbook. May Flaum`s class is so inspiring – to get the scrapping done!


Yes, Sassy describes her good. Love this set up. It is simple and looks good.


I might have done one or two doubles before but that is not my thing at all. This came together so easy.


Darling Kristian was so proud of the Easter chicken he made for his mother in kindergarten that he had a hard time letting go so his grandfather could take a photo of it.


The last one I made with a prompt from today`s lesson with Shimelle @2Pea`s Go To Press – class. Weird, it is the same photo-set up as May used. The journaling is a download from Shimelle. Printed at sticky-back canvas.

Since joining Lisa Day`s challenge “to use your stash” I have made 36 layouts. That means I have 24 left before I can shop. If you knew how little stash I had when this challenge started you would be amazed. I have to shop before Cathy Zielskes class starts, but that is mostly cardstock. Still have a lot of craft cardstock left but then I have to use pink. I can do pink…It is a good thing Shimelle shows us how to make prints work at layouts…

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