Enjoy life…

…what more is there to say when you are looking at 23 days without work?


My uniforms are hanging in the back of the closet and I will do my best to forget about work in the next three weeks. I am confident that the girls will do just fine without me. It is a little strange to think  about that I should have been in a plane on my way to Majorca, but I am fine with no plans at all. On some level it`s even better. I have spent the last two days at the dentist and even if she is a nice girl to visit I am grateful to be done visiting. 🙂

May Flaum`s Recipe class at Big Picture Scrapbooking launched the week two handout yesterday so I have been working on that this evening. It is all about the creative process. A little fun that Shimelle`s prompt yesterday was about the same theme; The creative process.


After one day without scrapbooking I feel a little lost and I feel that I messed up the first one. But, they don`t have to be perfect, do they?


I knew I messed it up when I did the title. And the stamping was one more step on the way. To top it all I messed up the choice of colour when I did the journaling. But…she is a cute girl – nothing can mess that up!

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