…I have looked myself up in my room and to be honest I am hoping for a rainy Sunday so I can spend one more day in here. It feels good to have nothing else I should have been doing. I have cleaned a little in here and I have been scrapbooking. More cleaning then scrapbooking. Hm…why does it look the other way around?


I made this with Shimelle`s downloads. I have to look harder for the vellum I know I have – somewhere.

I also updated my “weight – journal”.


Last week I decided that I needed to do some work out because I was loosing weight to fast. More food and more training. Now – that did not work out that well so this week I am back dieting.


I am using some of Kolette Hall`s artwork to embellish my journal.

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1 Response to Today…

  1. LaWendula says:

    Beautiful book, did you make this yourself?

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