Beautiful – a grey Monday morning…


 It is so much harder to take small steps, but I reached my goal.

I am taking advantage of my vacation and blogging early. After sleeping for nine hours, twice as much as normal,  I feel energized. There is a “To do”-list waiting for me but I don`t stress about it. I just want to enjoy my time these first days.

A little scrapbooking inspired by May Flaum`s  BPS class.


This reminds me that I have a wedding album to do. I forgot about that. 🙂


If I had my sewing machine I would have stitched this, but since it has taken residence at my sister in law`s house I settle for poking holes.

This layout was inspired by one of my classmates; Di Turner. I might have tried ruffling the edges once before but these technique is pretty new to me.


The black paper is so beautiful. I have to see if I can find some more of it. Maybe I will go with black as a theme in the wedding album instead of the pink. A well, I am still 13 layouts away from shopping.

Last night I read the book – Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, as a preparation to Cathy Zielske`s class Me: The Abridged Version.  I found it hard to get the grip of this concept in addition to translate it into Norwegian. When I read the book in English I am thinking in English. That makes it hard to find the words and letters in my own language. Reading Kolette Hall`s take on this helped a lot. I you consider taking this class you should go read what Kolette  says about it. Like Kolette I could not stop writing. All the small things was lining up in my memory.

Now – off to read Shimelle`s prompt for the day`s layout in her Go to Press class at Two Peas…

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