It`s sunshine…

 …and that means cleaning. Did you think I would say; spending the day outside? No, I try to avoid that one. I just watched Susannah Conway`s Unravelling video for the week. She suggested that we should spend the day as our alter ego. Brilliant idea. I will pretend I am the cleaning lady. No, it`s not the alter ego I dream to be, but I can spin. I can be the master of spinning. Actually I will enjoy my day as THE cleaning lady. All I have to do is to decide where I am cleaning and with whom I`m cleaning, and dress accordingly.

Shimelle`s prompt and download yesterday was photography and our relationship with our camera. I got my first Canon camera back in 1978. In the years between 1985 and 2005 there were only a handful of photos taken. My attitude was; If I don`t remember it, it`s not worth a photo. Well, that changed when the family was blessed with children again in 2005. And going digital did all the difference.


Working with sketches was fun so I went looking for more inspiration and I found this sketchblog.


Aby Garvey is once again offering a free workshop:  Help I don`t know where to begin, about decluttering, before her Organizing 101 workshop starts September 9. The one week free workshop starts August 25 and is definitely worth your time. I got so much done during this week I hardly believe it myself. I am signed up to do one more class in September but I think I will jump in on the one week class as well since I am on vacation time and can dig into the shit.

I better find my alter ego and get to it. The rugs are already out in the back – I just have to find the right outfit, the attitude and go to it…


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