This turned out to be…

…a warm nice summer day. When I woke up this morning it was raining and I needed a sweater. A few hours later it was like walking into a wall of heat when I came outside. Now it looks like it is brewing up some ugly weather. I better get ready and unplug before the thunder hits.

Now – lets  see what I have been up to today. I made two layouts for Shimelle`s class at Two Peas. I didn`t know what to do with yesterdays handout, but slowly it turned into an idea. It was all about nature. I do have a lot of nature and flowers printed out,  but I had no inspiration. Seems like weddings are my inspiration these days…


The bride is not known to spend the money on her self so her mother in law and I were very anxious to see how her dress would turn out. To be honest we were a little nervous that she  would look like a low price act. She did not.  She was the most beautiful bride – ever. We were so proud of this girl, that now belongs in our family.

Today’s handout was about the weather. Well, the day started with rain so I could not help myself thinking about how life would be different if we had been were we should have been. Hanging out on the beach, digging into the buffet and drinking cold beer. So I made a layout about the reason why we are not doing just that.


Grandma was not willing to travel and come home with the svineflue. No one was raising their voice. Now – I did not write anything about the fact that grandpa was scared about being put in quarantine – and not being able to travel home with the rest of us. 🙂 The kids does not need to know everything. And we need some goodies to tell some other time as well.


Since I am 1 kg down according my weight,  it was time to make a new page in my mini-book. Using Kolette Hall`s beautiful art. I am still passive in the training department. Ah well – some day now…

Karen Grunberg`s class -Telling Stories Deeply, started at Big Picture Scrapbooking today. I need to focus on that one. It is more intensive than a lot of classes – if you want to take the most out of it. It`s not to late to sign up. Karen is a wonderful teacher and I promise you will learn and enjoy. If you sign up – you also get Karens selfpaced class Change of Plans for free. I have made my album ready to go. All I have to do now is to find out how to remember 10 – 20 years back. 🙂

It`s time to get ready to unplug, before the thunder hits…

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