Scrapbooking weekend…


…I`m not spoiled with weekends. Working 6 days a week kind of make the weekend short. First comes a week of vacation and then in addition comes the weekend. It does make the week very long. In a good way. And there are two more to come. Wow, I will be spoiled. Early this morning I started out to clean my living room. The first thing I had to do was putting away all the layouts I have made the last two weeks….guess I got sidetracked. Because moments later I was scrapbooking. That would have been okay if I had done what I started out doing, but I was not. Somehow I got obsessed to see if I could stitch on a page without sewing machine.      




I could, even if it was a lot more work than I thought it would be.




I had this weird photo of these two. They are walking away from each other. The poem covers what I want to say to them. It says something like this; “Let us be for each other, like we were in the beginning; Friendship, joy, help and comfort. Let the love between siblings live on, because that is the A,B,C of love.”

Shimelle`s last handout for the week was “view”. Looking through my photos I found this “sparkling” photo of my sister in law taken in 2007. I remember her saying that she had enjoyed this ride on the bike so much. There were never enough time to enjoy being outside by herself. Work and grandchild, work and grandchild… So – what now – there are work and three grandchildren.:) Makes me wonder…




The best weekend to everyone!

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