To declutter…

…may make me a happy girl, but it does nothing for my inspiration. I am thankful that  Jessica Sprague`s class Beautiful Evidence started today. Working on the computer is easy when the desk is clean. It never occurred to me to look in the classroom to see if there were any homework before class started so it came as a big surprise last night to find a ton of things to do. It would have been so much easier if I had the photos gathered before I started to work on the assignments. But, I am okay.

The awesome templates Jessica gave us are big and makes my computer slow down a bit, but  if I were to complain about anything it would be that there are to much beauty to choose from. I took the first template for a test drive and came up with this:


All about me. Seems to be this years theme…Maybe a little to much me these days? I think it is, so I made one for my sister in law also:


So – we might have  the same passion in life…If I had had any hope that she would have an answer to give me I would have asked her what was the most important things in her life these days. I don`t think she would have answered. So I am taking the liberty to do the picking.

These pages are 12×12. I have no idea if it is possible to print that size in Norway. If it is it will expensive. So I re-sized to 8×8 and did a print here at home. It looks good. I doubt I will make an album for me, but some pages will be printed and put in somewhere.

Aby Garvey`s free decluttering class started today. It feels so good to get going again. I started working on my to do list this morning and I love to have the message board in the class as motivation. I am fit to fight and ready to go to morrow morning.

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