O – for obsessiv…

…would describe me accurately and will make a good entry in my“MeTAV-album”. At the beginning of my vacation I made a time-line. I had to start there because I had to face the fact that I don`t remember the details anymore. Maybe I never did. Working my way up, from 1961 and up to date, did awaken some forgotten memories and made it easier to see things in perspective. It is hard for me to pinpoint the stories that make me who I am, but I keep remembering all these little things. Like when I was a little girl and my grandparents would come downstairs every evening to watch TV, something that finally forced my father to buy them a TV. I remember that every Sunday evening we would gather to watch “The Ashton Family”. The series went on and on, and every Sunday we would watch. When I close my eyes I can see the scenes and the actors.

It will be difficult to edit the entries, so I may have to use more than one page for each letter. Because when I finally sat down to actually write the stories I find it hard to stop. 350 words don`t leave much space for the stories.

Today I finished the to-do list I made before starting my vacation. I have removed all clutter and cleaned the whole house and still there is the weekend left before going back to work. It feels so good. But, I know I have to work hard to maintain the cleaning habits. C – cleaning, the chores I do not like. Yes, I`m on a roll.


I will go back and write some more while I have the inspiration…

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