W – for writing…

…all day long. I have been for two days now. Of course I had to make a two pages spread for my “Me – The Abridged Version”. How could I fit my life into a one page layout? I am 48 years old. Even if I had a rough idea of what I wanted to write about – it takes time. The words are in my tag book, so I am set to go. But I still have a few letters without words. Like Q…I may have to look into some spanish words. And even worse, my office program do not do spell checks in Norwegian. That means I have to make a test print of every page and carefully look for wrong spelling. Anyway – I am ready to dive into L.


I have finished one more page for my Beautiful Evidence album.



And what have I learned this last days?

September 11

I learned to trust my gut feeling. Doing my hair Friday morning I was thinking; It is time for a haircut. I did look in my appointment card to see if I had an appointment, but no I did not. Two hours later the hairdresser called and asked for me. So – I got my haircut.




September 12

I learned that coming home to a clean house with no clutter is a good.



 And it is still time to dive in to the L before I call it a night.

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