Big Picture Scrapbooking…


…here`s what I think:

Through out 2009 Big Picture Scrapbooking has prepared me to make this album: Me:The Abridged Version

It all started back in January with Wendy Smedley`s class: Get Organized, Be Inspired.


I was so overwhelmed when I started this class. The only way I knew how to deal with the mess was to get the stuff out of my house. Now – nine months later – I have not missed a thing. It is so much easier to work with less stuff. Now I know what I have and where it is.


In  February Stacy Julian followed with her class: A Library of Memories.


Stacy does not advice anyone to do these two classes at the same time. Did I listen to her? No, and I am so happy about that.  To set up this system takes a lot of time and effort, but I am so glad I did. I still have a lot of fine tuning to do, but that will happen over time. Thanks to the LOM system, finding photos for my MeTAV album was so easy. They were sitting right there, in the box labeled “All about us” -elin janne. When I needed a photo from a travel I made, I opened the box labeled “Places we go” -Mallorca.

In March and now in September BPS gave us: Telling Stories Deeply -with Karen Grunberg.


I learned so much about writing from Karen. I wrote all the journaling for my MeTAV album. I made a print and I edited. I read through all my entries one more time, with all I learned from Karin in the back of my head, and I wasn`t happy at all. I rewrote every entry!! Thinking about audience and the tone in my writing.

In July Lisa Day challenged us to do The Challenge of ME!  I made a really cute 6×12 album based on Lisa`s prompts. I covered a lot of base making this album and I tried to avoid making repeats in the MeTAV album. Actually I think that was a good thing for me. It gave me more freedom to skip the obvious things.



 I was so looking forward to do Me; The Abridged Version with Cathy Zielske. I got my album, photos, craft cardstock, photo paper, OP cardstock and ink. The only thing missing was patterned paper. Usually the online shops offers you more paper than you can buy. In September it is mostly all about Christmas.  The only thing I had in my stash was a kit from Crate Paper I had bought with something else in mind.

You will not believe how much time I spent browsing for patterned paper. Nothing was good enough. In the end I had to settle for this. I cut all the pieces – still not happy about my choise. I inked them – still not happy. I moped around for days. The whole album project almost collapsed because of the dam paper.

 the papers

Something changed when I started putting things together. It is just plain cute.

More tomorrow. I have to empty the buckets that collects the rain water dripping from my ceiling. Yepp. There is a leak in the roof. It is all about getting through the stormy night without drowning.

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2 Responses to Big Picture Scrapbooking…

  1. Jean says:

    Commented on BPS site as well – these are beautiful!!

    I agree with your comment about the patterned papers – very hard to sort out. I downloaded multiple digital ones and tried them out. Each new page on the forum looked pretty to me so I kept second-guessing myself.

  2. TamiV says:

    I agree, BPS is the best! Love your choice of papers, looks great! 🙂

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