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I signed up for the class the day it was up for registration. I made my tag book and  read the book – Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I didn`t find the book very interesting but I understood how this could be done.  It was difficult to translate my thoughts to Norwegian. That part got even harder after the class started. I loved reading the posting on the message board but it cluttered my own process, so I had to shut down and concentrate on my own writing.

Cathy made one page for each letter and I did plan to do the same, but I kept thinking that the album would be pretty skinny with only 13 page protectors to fill it. What a vast of space. 🙂 Writing isn`t an issue for me so I kept writing.


  • I cut 49 pages to 8,5 x11 from 12×12 craft cardstock.
  • I cut 24 pages to 8,5 x11 from 12×12 OP cardstock.
  • The 24 pages was cut in two and inked after I printed the journaling.
  • I cut and inked 102 pieces of patterned paper.
  • I picked, printed and cut 99 photos.
  • And I wrote, edited, rewrote and printed 34 253 words.

I used one bottle of Zip Dry glue and I will never admit how much the ink cost.


Cathy Zielske is so good at what she does. Never once did I cut anything wrong. Not once. She put crop marks on all the files and that made the cutting work like a dream.  The only thing I messed up was the title page. Using the A4 template was not a good idea. It actually took me one hour to find what I was doing wrong. Eager to finish?


A little peak at my pages. I messed up the text here – protecting the public.

It was hard to move forward with this album. Last week I had to make a decision about how to do this. Sure I could use all the time I needed to make this a perfect review of my life – the perfect album. But I know myself – when the class is over I lose the momentum – and the album would be filed under U-unfinished projects. So I put everything else on hold and worked on this. Anyway – I am not about perfect…

I love the album. It looks “together”. The page design is so Cathy Zielske. I did play with other options on how to do this, but I am really glad I followed Cathy`s lead. It turned out beautifully.

Every woman should have one of these – telling bits and pieces from their life. I would love to make one for every girl in my family – if I could get them to write :)…or at least tell me what to write.

Now – what do I do with all the sraps?


Hm…didn`t Kolette Hall and Jen Mohler give us a project for September involving cards? And didn`t my sister in law just say that she could use some cards? Do I make cards? No! Could I be challenged?

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