Yesterday & Today…

…It`s Thursday and it`s the first of October. That means Ali Edward`s class Yesterday and Today opened today at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have seen the one hour long video presentation and I loved it. The assignment this first week is to make a 15 min brainstorming to come up with the 12 story’s you want to tell. I believe I did say just a few days ago that I am getting bored – telling my own. Feels like have been doing nothing else since January. I am sure there still are stories untold but I need a break from myself. Still, I did the brainstorming and came up with 4 pages and 18 stories I want to tell. All of them from my early youth. So I guess there are still some stories untold. I just need a break…

Doing Load at the same time gives me the break…I hope. Lain Ehmann gave us a simple prompt today. Do Simple – with photo, paper, title and one embellishment. I could do that.



This is my sister in law – Kjellaug. She is turning into a decent photographer. Grandchildren can do that for you. Here`s what she is looking at:


I just visited Stacy, Stacy`s new blog. She wants us to think about where we are in 5 years. I know Kjellaug had those thoughts this beautiful day of May 30 2009.  Thinking about where she would live and how she would live her life five years from now. Inside the calm harbour, or out there…free as a bird.

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1 Response to Yesterday & Today…

  1. Jean says:

    Wow-I’m impressed. Do you have photos for the stories? That’s where I’m feeling stuck – I have stories in mind, but I know I don’t have photos for those stories. I tend to work backwards – what photos do I have to which I could add a story (or maybe that’s working forwards!). Anyhow, I’m feeling hampered by the fact that I don’t see to have stories for photos or photos for stories.

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