Sunday in church…


Our not so little girl any more – was invited to church today to receive her”church book” – just like all the four year old in our community. This special Sunday the church is filled with people and it is all about the children – a lot of children of all ages and a lot of noise…


Most of the kids had to be followed by their mother, but not our girl. She was running and dancing on her way up. She has the right spirit, as the priest said.



So – today`s Load page had to be about Elin Marie. And the page had to be pink – because the girl was pink today. Not just her clothes but the girl was in a pink mood. All girly… happy and dancing…



Cathy Zielske template nr.3.


Back home we spent a little time outside, saying hallo to the horses and the cats. Elin took this photo of her cat Siri. (At least I think this is Siri – if not, it is Tiril…)


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