Three women – three lives…





My grandmother had a husband, four children and a farm. She was hard-working.

My mother had a husband, two children and a farm. She was hard-working.

Me? No husband, no children and no farm. I used to be hard-working.

Three generation of women – what do we have in common? The love for making things with our hands. The written word. The ability to enjoy the moment – to enjoy our own company. Faith.

All of this made me think about how I  spend my time. Never in my life I have had more time to spend. I am not one of those women running around screaming about lack of time 🙂 I have time to spend. I have the same amount of time to spend as everyone else, 1440 minutes a day. After 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours of work – you still got 480 minutes left. Or, if you are like me – sleeping 6 hours – you got 600 minutes left to spend on what ever you like.

I am joining Karen Grunberg at Big Picture Scrapbooking  in December for her class Reclaiming my time. This class have recess during Christmas and is picking up again in January. The message board will stay active through out 2010.




Talking about time. We have one week left of the Load October Challenge. It is time to reclaim order in my home. At some point during a load challenge things start to slip. Like housework. Not my favourite thing to do anyway. But – it is a beautiful fall day. I am working the evening shift. And tomorrow is the last day before turning back the clocks to wintertime. It is time do put things in order. To get ready for November challenges.

Happy weekend!

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