Sunday adventures…

…Elin and Kristian was invited to join grandma and grandpa for breakfast when they woke up Sunday morning.

2-the breakfast club

These two belongs to grandma`s Sunday morning breakfast club and they would arrive with or without an invitation. But – today they were invited. They were invited to go along on a fieldtrip.


Life as a grandparent is a challenge. At least it is when you work full-time and also want to be a full-time grandparent. I think that  issuing an invite brings out the best behaviour in the kids.

And one more thing – food and hot chocolate to drink. Also a good choice.


Design – Cathy Zielske. Embellish – feistuff embrace.

Monday – it`s take-off for Shimelle`s new class : Blogging for scrapbookers. Looking forward to that. If I only could solve the mystery of blogging on WordPress using my own domain. The more I read and try the more mysterious it gets. I have almost given up. But, it is no big deal. I am happy blogging anyway.

And don`t forget to sign up for Jessica Sprague`s free class today. I will be doing my Christmas journal with Shimelle but JS always has something really good to offer and I do not want to miss out on that.

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2 Responses to Sunday adventures…

  1. Heather says:

    Hello from Shimelles class *waves*
    Love the idea of an invite and your LO is stunning!!

  2. Hi, Elinjanne! Just visiting from BfS!

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