My Friday…




…totally wasted. I slept long in to the morning and the rest of the time I have been browsing the online shops, looking for albums for my LOM-system. It is so difficult to decide on type of album. If I find one I like, size and colour, there are only one left. Of course I could start with one, but can I trust that I will be able to find another one just like it? These days you can`t trust anything.

I do have AC modern albums in 8,5 x 11 size – brown. I would love the lime green but it is hard to find in 12  x 12. Since it is so hard to find the same album in the long run I decided to go for We R Memory Keepers in one colour. They have a nice name plate at the back. But no – the shop only have one or two left.

Now I am leaning towards one colour for each child. What ever type of album – they will probably produce albums in red, brown and blue? At least that is what I think and if I have the courage to hit payment, this is the album I go for:




The American Craft faux leather. I can`t spend more time with this, so I am going to hit pay and go to work – do my evening shift and try my best not to regret my choice.

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12 Responses to My Friday…

  1. Tracy says:

    I love the picture in the lo. Did you press pay?

  2. Mary B says:

    I’ve seen these and they are nice.

  3. Melissa says:

    What a gorgeous layout.

  4. Deb L says:

    BTDT… it is frustrating isn’t it… but that red faux is gorgeous!

  5. Cheri says:

    Been through that decision process. Finally decided that in the grand scheme of things if when I need another volume I can’t find the same album again … the world won’t come to a screeching halt. Hit pay and call it a day.

  6. Kathy m says:

    Did you do it? Did you buy the album? They are pretty. Love your picture.

  7. Amy Eaton says:

    Elin, I’ve used WRMK 12×12 d-ring albums for a while now and I love them. The albums and protectors are very strong. My only problem is that they can be difficult to get here in Australia – there are always issues with supply so I usually order a couple at a time.

  8. Rachel says:

    Gorgeous Layout, thanks for stopping by m y blog.

  9. Fionaken says:

    Hope you pressed the pay button – looks like a super album.

  10. Margie says:

    I love red too. I’m sure you will make the right decision! The most important is what is inside. And after seeing lots of your work during LOAD – it’s all beautiful!! Found your blog through Shimelle’s class though. : )

  11. MandyKay says:

    A lovely photo, quite fantastic. I look forward to seeing how you get on with LOM. I haven’t taken the plunge yet. But I have got Stacey’s book which is very helpful.

  12. Junelle says:

    I had the same issue!
    I finally bought my favs. I have red (WeRMemory keepers) in the 8×10 for “those we love”, yellow for “everyday”, black for “us” and chestnut brown for “travels”.

    I really debated the whole thing, too, hard choice. I love what I have done though. I just put out all the brown in the family room (fall colors) and I will put the red out in the main hallway for Christmas. Looks festive.

    Good luck, go with your heart…

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