…and there was light…


This is the second winter I am feeling my way up the stairs in the dark. I have no idea why I thought I needed a man to put in a new lightbulb in the lamp:)  I had to go downstairs to buy a new lightbulb twice and I had to juggle on a chair, but I did it. Yes I can!

I did not have a good day. The machines were digging almost through the doors in the store today. For moments ours customers did not have access at all. I`m really working hard to deal with this and I do know it will be over with soon. (Even if I have no idea when).

Tracking my time I discovered that I had 40 hours of sleep during the week. Is that why I fall asleep at my desk at Wednesday afternoon? Already I can see that I need to put in one more hour of sleep. I can do that. I think?

I`m playing Christmas songs and I can feel the Christmas spirit.

Last Christmas – December 26. Elin is leading Kristian in the “dentist – doctor – patient” roll play. She very much wants to be in the lead here but he is resisting. They settle on using grandma`s doll as the patiant:)


                                Here`s to a better tomorrow!

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