Back to work…

The slacking is over. It`s early Saturday morning and I`m going back to work. A new year and new possibilities.

I have been going back and forth about doing the gratitude journal in 2010. Yesterday I was in, out and in again. Today I`m thankful that I have work. And I`m thankful that my college`s sister came out of a nasty car crash with broken bones. A lot of broken bones – but broken bones can be healed.

Template – Cathy Zielske. Design your life – Big Picture Scrapbooking.

We did have a bit of fun New Years Eve. Kristian received a flying robot as a Christmas gift from his father’s friend Odd Arne. Everything flying is a favourite. Even for the big boys.

This is one of my favourite design from Cahty`s class. It can be rotated again and again, and is great for big photos. I have to print this photo and make a paper layout of this when there is time. For now it have to do with digi.

Okay – off to work with me. A lot to do and I have to get ready to take stock. Phu…

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1 Response to Back to work…

  1. Amy says:

    Happy New Year Elin!
    I love this design of Cathy’s as well – one of my favourites for sure.
    We have helicopters around here as well – and, fortunately, a patient pilot who doesn’t mind all of the repairs …. crashing seems to be an occupational hazard!

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