Working the Library of Memories…

…I have dragged my feet before diving in again. One thing that have worked great for me is the Library Binders. I print and slip the photos into the binders and I find inspiration to scrapbook from the binders. I print to many photos because I hate to spend time looking and chosing what to print. It`s so much easier to hit upload and get everything printed. My sister-in-law don`t love me for it:) She thinks it is a wast of money to print and then purge. I rather spend the money and save the time. We might meet in the middle because I don`t print everything these days. The digital scrapbooking might have something to do with that.

I  set up my Category Drawers last year but I havent used those much. I think that has something to do with  the system is fresh. The photos needs to age before you can see the connections. This evening I have spent time working on my drawers. I needed more space before going through the 2008 binders so I made new file-tabs for three boxes – one for each child.  Since the children isn`t mine I think it will work with one box for each child. This will be US in my system. The rest of the family will be – People we love. Places we go and Things we do – will be common for  family. That is when the good stuff start happening.

I am still very unsure if I want to import the photos to PSE so for now I have set up the highlight folders on my computer. For today`s Load layout I tried to find photos of Elin Marie taken Christmas Eve from 2005 to 2009…

Of course – this would have been even easier if I had had those photos tagged in PSE. I just need to find the curage to start the prosess.

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1 Response to Working the Library of Memories…

  1. Marcia says:

    I am with you in this class! I started last year, but only got up to getting my pics in the storage binders. I am excited to move further along, pulling pics and putting them in the category drawers and working from those. I feel much freer and less the need to scrapbook chronologically, which is probably why I am doing more scrapbooking this year than ever.

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