Happy mothers day…

…Today we celebrate our mothers in Norway. Since I don`t have a mother alive anymore I usually celebrate my sister-in-law. You have to celebrate when you can:) But, this weekend she is doing her celebrations on her own. Friday she took her granddaughter to Oslo for a visit with her parents. About time she celebrated her own mother. I hope the three girls have a nice time togheter.

Load day 14…

Template nr.28 – Cathy Zielske. Paper and butterfly – Karla Dudley. Grandma had the plesure to take her granddaugher to the dentist.

Load day 13…

Paper and stash – Amber Clegg Design.

A little pink for the boy!

I want to think that young Kristian is admiring his father`s snuff lip but I think that is far out there:) I belive he admire his father`s willingness to play the TV-game:) Okay – I will go back to filing photos into my category drawers.

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1 Response to Happy mothers day…

  1. helena says:

    great layouts – I don’t think it is too pink for the boy, it highlights their healthy skin. Interesting that 14 feb is for mothers in Norway. One of the things I love about all the scrapping blogs I read is finding out about these different traditions in different countries

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