Go Hybrid…

…Finally May Flaum`s Go Hybrid class is open. A lot of content as always. Making today`s layout for the Load challenge, I let the idea of hybrid inspire me. Now – this layout is not based on May`s teaching…

…but the journaling spots and the words are prints from various digital kits and that makes the page a hybrid. It sound like an alien from outer space:) It is time for me to make some pages for baby Tor Magnus`s album. Making baby albums is the ultimate challenge for me. It`s so much more fun after they turn one. Now – off to read May`s handout to get some ideas for the next Load page. Only three to go!

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1 Response to Go Hybrid…

  1. mflaum says:

    You’re getting into the spirit!! 🙂 I truly intend my class material more to inspire you vs having to do just as I do – this page is so perfect for week 1 – LOVE it!!

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