Ready for the weekend…

…at least I am ready for another weekend at work. I have had the morning off today and have cut my hair. That makes wonders for the mood:) And I have made my load page number 26. Once again inspired by the atmosphere of hybrid.

In real life the margins are even. I just did not take the time to scan the page in four parts. The paper and the mask are digitals designed by Karla Dudley. I love everything she creates. Pretty simple stuff. I uploaded the papers and the masks into PSE. Cut 2 x 2 squars and dragged them into a new file for print. Then I punched the squars. I did the same thing with the masks after measuring how much space I had to fill.

Okay – I`m ready for my evening shift. It`s sunshine outside with cold nice weather. What more can one want?

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1 Response to Ready for the weekend…

  1. helena says:

    love the layout – simple and very effective

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