The fabulous month of February…

…and the Load challenge are coming to an end. I always want to make a grand final the last day of the challenge, but all I could think of this morning was to make something of the photos I have had laying on my table for a year now. The funny thing is that when Lain Ehmann`s mail came in two hours later she challenged us to finish something today:) I was two steps ahead of her…


The photos are from last summer. Kristian wanted so much to go out with Elias, but he rather have his father with him. He sure wouldn`t go with a strange woman. A wise decision. I have to stop being lazy and start taking pictures of my layouts. Sometime they look really weird.

With Load over and done with I will try to find time to work on Elisha Snow`s photo class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Since the class started I haven`t been home in daylight so it has been difficult to take part. This morning we have a beautiful winter day – with snow, sun and sharp light. Still I managed to play with aperture.

Living alone I was happy to see that I did not need humans to do this week`s assignment.

This guy was happy to help.

After Load and way too much time spent at work in February,  it is time to do some cleaning. I do try to find something else I should be doing but it is kind of hard to overlook the lack of cleaning around here:)

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2 Responses to The fabulous month of February…

  1. Lain says:

    You read my mind – Great job!!! Thank you again for taking part – it truly wouldn’t be the same without you!

  2. DenaZS says:

    Nice to see your work. It must be a relief and a let down to have LOAD over with. I haven’t made many pages since I finished in May! I am knitting a lot instead. Maybe Lain with do it again in May and I can sign up for it.

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