In a room with a view…

…in a hotel in Molde,  you can see Hurtigruta in the harbor when you go for dinner…


Richard With in harbor.

I love to stay in a hotel room with a view. Even for the short time you can spend in that room when the stay is job related. After enjoying the excellent food in the hotel restaurant I can enjoy the night scene and another Hurtigrute coming into the harbor.


Wish I could stay longer. Even with all the hard work during the stay I do look forward to another stay in April. Crossing my fingers for a room with a view!

A little hybrid work this evening before turning in for the night.

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1 Response to In a room with a view…

  1. helena says:

    I love that sentiment – in a room with a view you can discover …. I can think of several fun layouts I could make with that – thanks for giving my inspiration a buzz

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