Bad day…

…My day did not start off the right way and things keep going wrong.

Early this morning I found myself outside my front door without a key to get back in. Thanks to my sister-in-law`s comment last night about me leaving the front door unlocked. There is a reason I leave the door unlocked! I did try to break the window with a rock. Without any success. I offered the first customer that came into the store a deal to break in and he accepted.

We were supposed to start rebuilding the store today but when I left this afternoon everything was still the same. Now all I can think off is how we are going to make up for the lost day?

Today`s delivery was six hours delayed and had not arrived yet when my working hours were over. That means tomorrow will be no better. And to top it all – I just lost my finished blog post. Yes – life is good.

At least I could go home:)

I did mean to do Picture Spring at Big Picture Scrapbooking but six days into the class I have yet to grab the camera. I lost the mojo even if I love the inspiration that are coming my way. Maybe it`s too early in the spring for me. Everything is still grey and dirty after the long winter.

I did not plan to join in on Nic Howard`s expert class : Dimensional Details. This is not my thing at all – but, here I am enjoying myself very much. First week has been a blast and the handouts are packed with videos and great tutorials. I love to learn even if I don`t use it all the time:)

Don`t you love grandma`s hand. It tend to show up on a lot of photos. Right there – in focus – ready to save someone or somebody. Can`t wait for Thursday and another handout.

New classes have been added this last week. A Baker`s Dozen – a repeat class. One of my first classes and I loved it. If new sketches had been added I would love to do it over. Very productive and fun. If you like to learn new techniques Tena Sprenger`s 52 Card Pick Up is a must. You will learn five new techniques every week untill the deck is full. Tena was there all the time – commenting and helping out. Revisiting my deck of card might be a good idea when working on Nic`s assignments – since my stash of embellishes are rather slim:)

And – don`t forget LOAD May 2010. Can`t wait to see what Lain Ehmann is cooking up for us…

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2 Responses to Bad day…

  1. helena says:

    leaving home without my keys is one of my daily fears – i know it would make my whole day feel down

    thanks for the tips on those new classes, not ones I had heard about before

  2. I just signed up for Dimensional Details last night! Can’t wait to get started!

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