The treasure hunt…

…In other words – cleaning out the attic:) Not mine, but my brother`s attic. For 25 years I have told my mother to toss everything I had left up there. Still I found my writing books from first class at school and all my cool drawings. Ha…I was (am) really bad at it. So was my brother even if he likes to think he had a talent for it:) I am looking forward to make some layouts about that. I have bad drawings from four generations to display. If I look for it I bet I find tracks from the fifth generation.

Of course I am not talking about Kristian – he is specialising in elephants… 

I returned from my Easter visit with a lot of goodies…

Nice to know I have something to work with during  The LOAD Challenge in May.

And I know for sure there have to be some real treasures garded by this couple…

Can`t wait to dig into this.

About scrapbooking – I have been working with Ali Edwards class Today & Yesterday during easter. Love this format for telling stories. Not so much to showcase in the blog – but I love how the pages turn out.

If you are a scrapbooker you have to read May Flaum`s serie about her journey as a scrapbooker. It is an amazing and honest storie about finding your own style –   Creative Journey. This is the last post of several.

It is spring – but…

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1 Response to The treasure hunt…

  1. mflaum says:

    Thank you for the kind words about my journey posts. I hope you enjoy your treasure of new photos + memories to scrap.

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