Find your style…

…I may be silent but I am scrapbooking – and working. Way to much work. Thinking back to the start of the year and all the work I put into goal setting I almost feel sick. I can`t find anything about working 24/7 in my goal binder. So – what happened? I do have some thoughts about that but right now I don`t have the energy to work it out. I have simply accepted the fact that this is the way it`s going to be untill August.

About style – scrapbooking style that is. The theme in Lain Ehmann`s Load challenge this month is finding our style. Everyday she challenge us to do something we like or don`t like. I am not good at taking challenges:) Sometimes because time don`t allow me to dwell on it or because I don`t feel inspired. In order to make a layout I have to be inspired. And the one good thing about Lain`s challenges is that they inspire me.

I have looked through my Flickr albums and without doubt this is my favourite page:

 I made this for a challenge at the Simple blog in 2008. The challenge was white space and I lifted one Tina Cockburn pages. I had only been scrapbooking for three months and I felt so accomplished when I looked at this page. I still do. There are no journaling here – just the sentiment. For everyone who knows this girl it says: Hey – I may be cute but I know what I want:)

She still knows what she wants:

Two years later and she is even more confident and strong-willed. And you know what? I love Cathy Zielske`s clean and simple design. Looking through my albums it becomes very clear to me that they stand out and make me happy.

Of all the pages I have made so far in 2010 this is my favourite page:

Ali Edward`s design. It`s hybrid and it is made for journaling. Glimpts of an Easter gathering and some reflections about family life here and now.

But scrapbooking would be boring if everything was linear, clean and simple. Sometimes you have to play and learn new things. Right now I am lucky to be inspired and educated by Nic Howard at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

Not that I would fill my albums with dimentional pages like this, but it is perfect for this rare photo of my parents from 1952. And I got to use one of the 12 Prima flowers I have in my stash:) Okay – I did cut it down to half the size.

And sometimes I love to play with the digital stuff. It is fun, it does not create a mess and the layouts looks good.

So – what does this say about my style?

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1 Response to Find your style…

  1. helena says:

    wow what a range of styles and all look great. Now that I am using digi I want to play with different styles some more.

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