Challenged or inspired…

…This happens to me all the time – I`m challenged to do one ting and end up doing something completely different. I was supposed to think about in what order I did things when I did my scrapbook page. Ha…that was easy because I had a plan. I was going to make a page with this photo:

I had a photo and I had a story. Now – all I needed was a design.

The other challenge I was given was to take a photo inside my home.

Ops…I know – it was supposed to be from the inside:) One more try…

My evening snack. Well – in desperate need for chocolate I eat anything.

So – how did I start with a cute photo of Kristian and end up with this…

This happens to me all the time. Somewhere in the process I lose track of the goal and I end up with a total different product. And you know what? I love that!

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