The joy of being the family memorie keeper…

…I love to find old photos of family members. Today I stumbled upon one of my sister in-law Kjellaug and I knew right away that this was the photo I wanted to use for my Load – layout today.


The two kids in the front must be her younger siblings and the man in the background is her father. A younger looking Ansgar. Not that he still isn`t good looking:) Since we don`t have so many photos from our youth this makes me happy. I need to ask my SIL  – where, when and who.

And yes – you guessed it. My page is not about this photo, because the next photo in the envelop was this one…

1987 and she is ready for a wedding in her new princess Diana inspired dress. I will never forget that dress. It was***special. I have no idea where she found the  courage to wear that but she looked hot – in 1987. We used to call her fru flor. (mrs.florish). Not always said in a nice tone:)

I think this layout need a 6 x 12 page with some journaling. I do believe I have another photo of her and my brother taken the same day and this little snippet of life do tell something about us worth remembering.

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1 Response to The joy of being the family memorie keeper…

  1. helena says:

    love the clouds and flourish alongside the squareness of the layout. I think it would look great with a 6×12 which had journalling. Fabulous dress.

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