…I can`t wait for the month of May to be over with. Often I feel like I am the only one working during May – everyone else have some sort of vacation or long weekends. And while everyone else is enjoying spring and their free time – I work double shifts more often than not. On some level I love the exitement of it all but I really look forward to welcome June.

Before going in to work this morning I made my page for LOAD. In Nic Howard`s class Dimensional Details at BPS we got a free download of a digital kit designed by Louise Williams and I have wanted to play with that awesome kit.

The photo I worked with yesterday was one of my grandparents. I don`t know the year but I would think that this has to be about the time my mother was born, 1930 -1935. The photo was not that damaged but it was not sharp so it wasn`t that much I could to. I took the easy route and put a mask on the photo.

I do believe that this photo was taken at the small barn the neighbors shared where they had the cows at summer pasture. Everyday the women had a 30 min walk before they could gather the herd and do the milking. This is what I believe because there is only one man in the photo – my grandfather. On of the men had to take the horse so that they could transport the milk home. Often it was the young girls who had to do this task. My mother who believed in Elves and Trolls had lots of scary moments up there. My grandfather loved to feed her imagination with the wildest stories.

Sometimes I do wish I had paid more attention to my mothers stories.

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