May 27…

…Two new classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking tomorrow. A Bakers Dozen and 52 Card Pick-Up. Both classes is a rerun by popular demand. The classes run back in 2008 and I loved them both.

 Tena Sprenger is teaching the technique-based 52 Card Pick-Up. She is a wonderful teacher, always there to answer your questions and to comment on your work. Because everything was new to me I had to work hard to make my card every day. It was a lot of work but we had the weekend to get up to date so it worked out fine.

I still love this card…

Since scrapbooking was new to me I did not have all the tools needed at the time. At day nine I had to give up. Give up? Huh…I still needed to post a card in the gallery…

If anyone is on the fence about this class – jump in! You will have so much fun.

A Bakers Dozen was the second class I took at BPS and the first scrapbook class ever. I never regretted that decision. This is a very special class and  I will not try to explain how it works. You can go straight to the source and read all about it. Darci is the sweetest teacher and we were all making pages like never before. I had no idea what I was doing so I followed her sketches the best I could. And I had a lot of fun making them.

I think this is the one I love the most…

You know what? I`m taking this class one more time. I couldn`t help myself. BPS offered a special prize to alumni – only I forgot to add the code when I bought the class:) Never mind that. Even if I have access to the class without doing it over I still want the joy of interacting with the community at BPS. A girl got to do something when the withdraw from Load hits. For the fun of it I will do most pages digital. I have already started filling my “egg-carton” with digi elements. Can`t wait to start playing. I know that Stacy Julian had to talk Darci into doing the class once more and I don`t know how she did that. Specially since Darci is having a baby this week.

Since my favorite page from last Bakers Dozen was a page about Kristian back in 2008 it is only fair that today`s Load page is about the boy…

Kristian was visiting the other day. He found some small plastic submarines in my drawer. Kristian`s favorite drawer. Then he wanted to go home. Why? Because he wanted to play in grandma`s bathtub. But, he had to take a walk with the rest of us. In the harbour we suggested he could launch one in the sea. We got “that face”. How stupid – the submarine would sink! (He only had three of them). Funny boy:)

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