Eurovision Song Contest – 2010…

…May the best song win!

But – if this was a beauty contest our guy would win:)

  Best of luck Didrik!

It has been a long day at work. But thanks to a long lunch-break I had time to make my page for the Load challenge…

I made a digital template from a sketch we received in the Dimensional Details class at BPS made by Trina McClune. Papers and elements designed by Karla Dudley. Me and my brother – ca.1963. I don`t think any of us have any memories from this period of time so there is no journaling:)

Well – still no votes for Didrik. But, then again – this is no beauty contest:)

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1 Response to Eurovision Song Contest – 2010…

  1. Nelle says:

    You’re so right – he is a hottie! LOL. love from the UK x

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