A Bakers Dozen…

…From Load to A Bakers Dozen at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

I really had a hard time creating this first layout back in 2008. I spent days hunting for tags. I really don`t like using tags. They look so cute and useful when everyone else use them – I just sit there moving them around the page like a crazy woman.

I was a very happy girl when I was done with this one. Of course I can use the same set up with different photos and different paper but right now I`m all into digital scrapbooking. I have decided what digi-kit I will use and I have picked the photos.

I also have a few stories I would like to save for the future. Like this one…

A 3-year-old stands in the garden beside the tree that was planted when you were born. You are contemporary dressed in blue cord-jeans and red knitted west. You are hyper-energetic and completely ready for parties and gifts …

A 15-year-old stands in the same garden,in the forest that was so modest when you were three. Ready for stepping into the adulthood and to receive the Priest`s blessing. We – who belong to you, remember the hyperactive three-year old that emptied his grandmother’s jewelry box set in the ground, with a smile so big – and we cry a tear of joy that you have come so far …

A 30-year-old are looking out into the garden that has been part of our family for five generations. You have your beautiful family gathered around you and you are all ready to take over the family inheritance. And once again we cry  a drop in joy because you want to create new memories based on our old traditions.


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