…Do you have them and what do you do with them?

I don`t have many because I finally realized that no one would ever want them, and I did not want to move all that stuff around. This is weird because I love to stumble upon old stuff  if there is a story attached. Right now my brother and his wife is feeling the horror of owning too much stuff. They are packing up their house in order to move out and struggle with making decisions. One evening my brother called and asked for my advice. He wanted to know what I would do with this…

This is a rolling-pin and there is one given in every Norwegian wedding. At least it used to be. The guests write their name on it and according to the cartoons you use it to hit your husband in the head if he turn on you for some reason:)

I doubt that this has been used even if my brother might have earned a taste of it from time to time. My answer? Take a photo and dump the ugly thing. There you have the back-story. Now the ugly thing lives in my home…

Yesterday we heard Stacy Julian ask;  How often do you honor your extended family in your scrapbooking? I do that all the time but since my family is my extended family I looked further. Grandparents, uncle, aunts, family…Well, I have to admit that I came out short on the telly sheet. That is where the rolling-pin came in to play. I realized how many of those who signed are no longer among us and I was inspired to make a page involving that ugly thing.

I was going to use Darci`s sketch today and I did start my page with that sketch in mind but somewhere I lost sight of the sketch. Let`s just say that Darci and Stacy inspired me…


I extracted the signatures from the rolling-pin in  PSE and voila there it is. I have a photo and are now free to dump the ugly thing. Do I dump it? Probably not. For now it will find a final rest in my brother`s memorabila box. Serves him right:)

Well – still no sign of summer even if we can see  blue sky far out there. I am ready to go in to work my evening shift and hopefully we are ready to welcome the choirs visiting the village.

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4 Responses to Memorabilia…

  1. Kim Winter says:

    Great job with the rolling pin. I wouldn’t have been able to think that outside of the box. The transfer of the signatures is awesome!!

  2. TracyBzz says:

    Elinjanne – that is amazing! LOVE love LOVE that you pulled the signatures off the rolling pin and put them on a page (that is some PSE talent you have). So much easier to keep a page, or digital image, than a rolling pin. What a cute tradtion though.

  3. Tammy says:

    I love how you extracted the names off the rolling pin!! Great job!
    Thank you for sharing your creativity and family traditions

  4. Renee (italgal on BPS) says:

    What a fantastic story, behind your LO. It is so awesome to be courageous enough to follow that inspiration wherever it takes us! Thanks for sharing!

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