Memories from the kitchen…

…What happens in your mother in-law`s kitchen when your mother is coming in on the scene? It is safe to say that my sister in-law and I do not have the same memories:) I remember my mother`s  heat weaves those hot days in April 1978 – cursing her daughter in-law and her mother for their bad planning and crazy ideas. How could they make the icing on the cakes like that? It was hot, my father was just returning home after a long hospital stay and the mother of the bride was taking charge in the kitchen. Crazy days. According to my sister in-law everything went smoothly.

Who knows? One thing for sure – it is not easy to remember the details 32 years later. Something stays the same though – in this part of Norway we make a lot of cakes when we celebrates weddings. A lot of cakes. So I am willing to bet on the fact that my mother did have heat weaves for that reason alone.

Another question is: What do you do with the topping from your wedding cake when you don`t have daughters? Do you talk your daughter in-law to use it in her wedding? Or do you take a picture and dump the thing? Now – there is a third choice, you persuades your granddaughter to save it for her wedding! If you start early and plant the seed – this might happen:)

We woke up to a beautiful day this morning…

A cold, but beautiful day. The choirs just marched through the village on their way to the stone park where the opening of the choir festival will take place…

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