…fly free…

Wish I could…

…or maybe not?

I am happiest if I believe I could fly – if I wanted to. The clue is to be a strong believer.

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8 Responses to …fly free…

  1. Diana says:

    This is lovely…just lovely and gives one a sense of calm when viewing. Thanks.

  2. I really enjoy your style of photography and words – you make them work well together, keep at it.

  3. Wendy says:

    I’ve really been enjoying your posts. They’re just so thoughtful.

  4. lynn says:

    Lovely! I must get my digital scrapbook software loaded! You’re an inspiration.

  5. helena says:

    love this – now I need to study it to work out the techniques you used

  6. Tammy Lee says:

    Lovely scrapping. See you for day 8!

  7. Abigail says:

    This is so beautiful. It really captures your imagination.

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