Digital scrapbooking…

…can be so much fun and I learned everything I know about it at Jessica She is an amazing teacher and her classes is so easy to follow. Even for a slow learner like me. When Renee Pearson launched her digital classes I did look into them without signing up for any classes. Two weeks ago I was tempted to take this class:  25 Days of Templates with Tiffany Tillman. I must admit that it was her templates that got me interested. Since I already had Karla Dudley`s summer kit it was the templates I wanted:)


25 templates – and I love every one of them.

Since so much else is going on right now I havn`t had time to play in the class forum and gallery, but I have watched Tiffany`s videos every day and have enjoyed myself so much. If you want to learn how to play with  templates and learn something about yourself at the same time – look for Tiffany Tillman`s classes. She is amazing.

Today`s word given to us at the Creative Boot Camp`s blog is “Smooth”. And all I could think of was Tiffany Tillman. Her smooth teaching, smooth work and her smooth voice. This is how my brain work. Once the idea pops up – it fester.

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3 Responses to Digital scrapbooking…

  1. Sue Althouse says:

    I loved Jessica Sprague’s intro class that I took – she is so organized and a great teacher. 25 Days of Templates looks tempting…..

  2. Jean says:

    LOVE this Elin! And I couldn’t agree with you more about the class!

  3. Wendy says:

    I’ve been reading your blog throughout boot camp – and I’ve really enjoyed your work. I’m so glad you shared these two sites – I may have to dip my finger in the digital scrapbook pool. Thanks!

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