7 days of freedom…

…ahead of me. Smile!

There is no reason not to smile. The cold and wet weather is just an excuse to stay inside and enjoy being creative.

I have three days of work before I start one week of vacation and I can`t wait for Monday to arrive. In this part of Norway the season is off. So far this summer we havn`t had one day with normal summer weather. The temperature is low and the lack of sun is starting to get to us. June 23 is midsummer day and the sun is turning again.

Creativity Boot Camp is over and I have enjoyed the experience very much. There will be a follow-up to come. A weekly challenge will be posted on Sunday at  Madeline Bea`s personal blog.

I did all my work using the tools of digital scrapbooking. It was what I was playing with at the time the challenge was issued and perfect for me since we were to create something every day. Looking forward I might choose another medium.

I can`t decide if I want to take  this summer`s 4 expert class  at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I did plan to because I love to get messy with paint during the summer and Claudine Hellmuth is the expert in mixed media. I have taken a class with Claudine once before at SIStv and I guess the basic is the same. Although I am sure the quality of the class at BPS will be light years ahead of the one I took.

Made for Stacy Julian`s color challenge.

Elin Marie learned to bike without support wheels last Sunday. She was so happy to have Marthe to help her. Now it is time to get ready for Friday`s evening shift – again.

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