A man of few words and his journaling…


From 1983 and until my father died in 1989 my parents spent a lot of time here at Iverhjelen. They had their own paradise within  30 min walk from home. Perfect for them since neither of them was driving. We have always had a guest book. We needed one:) Never a day without guests. I have thought a lot about this. How did people know my parents were there? And why would people seek them out at Iverhjelen? I remember those first years. No electricity, no car and a lot of guest who was treated with food and drink. My mother had to walk home every day to bring more food.

My parents had a deal about how to treat the guests. My mother was doing all the food, dishes and cleaning. My father was entertaining. He might mot have been a big talker but he was good at making people comfortable and my mother was serving with a heart of gold.

Yesterday I sat down with those guest books to see if I could learn anything about my parents and their time together. Well…I know about the weather in the 80`s. I know a lot about the weather. I know when he woke up in the morning, and every day he made a point about her sleeping too long. I know who visited every day – and their full name. I know when I was visiting and I know what they had for dinner. That`s it.

12. July 1983 he writes: “Today we have nice weather with fog. Ragnhild went home in the morning because Kjellaug is coming home with the prince today. I am also going home later today to take a look at the miracle”. And they watched tv for the rest of the evening.

He had just become grandfather for the second time and this is the most personal statement I have found so far. Oh well, the real importance here is that my father cared more for this baby boy than for anyone else in his life.

Why is it so hard to leave personal statements behind?

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1 Response to A man of few words and his journaling…

  1. Gunnar Holten says:

    Fikk nesten en tåre i øyekroken jeg! Typisk Jonny ja, og jeg har pratet “noen timer” med han..

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