Waiting for Camp Scrap…

…and while waiting I took Lain Ehmann`s challenge to use her first sketch. I am not good at following sketches but I know how to scraplift one so I turned Lain`s sketch into a digital template…

Kristian has planted sweet peas along with his grandmother and he is doing the happy dance at the thought of walking into the garden and eat all the sweet peas he wants. The thing is – we are not sure if Kristian knows what sweet peas tast like:)

LOAD October 2010 is three months from now but Lain is already planning the event. I do believe journaling will be a part of this challenge. Can`t wait to see what she come up with this time. LOAD October is not open for registration yet but you can find all the information here.

Yesterday was the longest day in the year. A grey and cold one. Today is midsummer day and we have a sunny and warm one.  All over Norway the bonfires are lit. The people of Norway are eating grilled sausages or porridge made of sour cream. Me? I am eating the porridge…

And I love it – once a year!

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1 Response to Waiting for Camp Scrap…

  1. helena says:

    great to hear you celebrate the longest day in Norway – nothing happens to mark the day in the UK. Love the mask on the porridge photo

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