The summer is in hiding…

…and the only thing reminding  me about summer season is the fact that the poppies are in bloom.


At least I could find one.

It`s friday morning. I`m on vacation so I can call 10.30am morning. And the only thing I need to do today is to show up at the hairdresser at 12.30. I have already made my page for Camp Scrap…

The kids had a little exursion with their great grandparents last September. I am sure that it was a thrilling experience for Karen and Ansgar to look after the wild once so close to water.

I turned one of May`s pages into a digital template…

Kristian was not happy to be in front of the camera so we tried to awake the hunter in him.  For a short moment we had him hunting for flies all over the place. And a hunting Kristian is not an easy photo object:)

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1 Response to The summer is in hiding…

  1. helena says:

    just come from BPS and saw your layout there – congrats on beign featured

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