Unravelling – Living in My World…

…These last eight weeks I have taken Susannah Conway`s e-course,  Unravelling – Living in My World. It is a challenging class for a simple country girl like me. It is not easy to share space with all those talented women. They write and speak a language I don`t understand. Not because they use a foreign language. It would not have helped if they spoke Norwegian. Standing on the outside – looking in, their way of life and thinking seems so different from mine.

Sure I can take my ugly entrance and make it exotic, but it doesn`t help much when the truth hits me in the face every day:)

The good thing? I have the confidence to know that we all feel the same way. No matter how we present who we are and where we are – in words and photos, we are all struggling to be in peace with ourselves.

To keep focus for eight weeks is really hard and I am still stuck in the first week. Thankfully Susannah give us forever access to everything so we can keep working if we need to. And even if I don`t know how to express myself in a poetic and artistic way I do feel that have a greater understanding of who I am  through Susannah`s work.

I am thankful for all these women who shared their thoughts. Without them – Unravelling would be a lonely place to be.

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1 Response to Unravelling – Living in My World…

  1. Susannah says:

    going at your own pace is often the best thing to do! sending big hugs 🙂 xo

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