Living in my world…of clutter…

I did work my way through Susannah Conway`s class – Living in my world. But, with stuff like this – sometimes I have a hard time making it real. Just a stack of notes all over the place and at the end I ask myself : what did I discover, what did I learn? I decided to attack again with a different approach. As a scrapbooker. It worked very well. Everything clicked into place and it feels good to have a place for my thoughts and my photos.

So – what about the clutter?

After several classes at Simplify 101 the clutter still piles up. See the glass bowl down to the right. I placed it there so I could empty my pockets when I came home from work. So – why is everything from my pockets messing up the left side of the photo? And what about the rest of the stuff? The really big question is why the ugly chest is standing there when it`s only purpose is to collect clutter?

This is my hot spot. The rest of the house is okay. I did learn something in all those classes:) So – why all this talk about clutter? This pile has been bugging me for days and this evening I got an e-mail from Simplify 101. A new class starts tomorrow. Yesterday I was wondering what project to dig into while waiting for the big escape to Viva Bahia in August. The timing is perfect. The class ends August 5 and I leave August 7. I function so much better with a plan:)

And here is our Cool baby,  Tor Magnus. He is fine tuning his love for grandma`s kitchen tools. Always smiling and charming.

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4 Responses to Living in my world…of clutter…

  1. Jean says:

    I’m delighted to hear you’ll be in QSCC! Did I miss the blog post where you told us you were going to Spain in August?

  2. Amy says:

    I think getting rid of clutter is a constant chore!

  3. Aby says:

    Hey, Elin,

    It will be so great to see you again in Quick + Simple Clutter Control! You take such beautiful photos, by the way. Even your clutter looks inspiring in photos!

    Perhaps part of the reason why your clutter has built up is because of the first part of the post — you’re focus and attention was somewhere else for a while. Happy to help you clear the decks before your big escape. It will make coming home that much nicer. 😉


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