…never used to be where I was. When I was in my own home – home was my childhood home. When I was staying in my childhood home – home was my own home. So I guess I wasn`t much home. I don`t know why but my home was never important to me. The point was to have a place to sleep and to keep my things. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I still feel the same way.

I`m multitasking:) Shimelle`s class gave me the idea. To put the camera on the floor and shoot. I guess the goal here was to get artistic about it and I will try that tomorrow. It was really fun to shoot from this angle.

Second –  I tried to do Stacy Julian`s color challenge…

I hope she forgive me for posting her image. You can read everything about Stacy`s color challenge in her blog. I love to do this challenge even if I don`t have the exect colors. It is easier to do them digital since I never have the right colors in paper. It really isn`t that important to match the colors perfect since the challenge is ment to inspire.

Third – I worked with Stacy`s weekly challenge in The Library of Memories community at Big Picture Scarpbooking. This week we were to make a storage binder layout with at least seven photos. My page will go into my All about Me – album. Why? Because it tell a lot about me. I will add a second page with plain text.

If you have taken Stacy`s LOM class you know all about this. If you haven`t but are planning to, you should join the new community at BPS. It will be a great place to ask questions and to get a tast of what this is all about. Stacy just added a group to the forum for those who think they want to do the class in 2011.

Fourth – I was spying for clutter. Low hanging clutter:) Happy to report that it was less clutter and more dust. Dust is a lot easier to tackle than clutter. And I found this visiter knocking on my door.

I guess he will blend in with the dust.

Fifth – I just wanted to do something creative before cleaning.

I have to edit a little because I have a sixth task in the mix. I was also working on Susannah Conway`s class – Living in my world. Wow – I am good at multitasking. Mostly in my free time:)

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2 Responses to Home…

  1. jill conyers says:

    Love the ground perspective. It’s a fun way to shoot outside too!

  2. Sue Althouse says:

    Talk about multitasking! I’m impressed that you can juggle so many online classes at once and still have time to post your results! Thanks for sharing.

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