Me: The Abridged Version 2…

…2010. I did Cathy Zielske`s class at Big Picture Scrapbooking in 2009 and I love my album. It is good-looking and it is filled with little stories long forgotten.  I am sure there is many more stories to tell but I do feel that I dug deep when I made this album so it is too soon for me to make another one. Still – I really want to make another album with this format so I have decided to make a family album. The family – 2010.

The album from 2009 was all about me…

The 2010 album will be all about the family…

What I did learn last year was that I used a fortune in ink – printing all the photos. A fortune. My printer service has a discount right now so I have spent time adding crop-marks to the photos I think I might use. Since I can`t print any other size than 4 x 6  this is the only way I know to get 3 x 3 prints. It is a lot of work to cut one photo at a time but at least I save a lot of ink.

It could have been fun  to make it digitally since Cathy is giving us templates, but I really loved putting this album together. It was fast and easy when I had it all ready to go. The real work is the writing, but with three weeks of vacation coming up in a week – that can be fun too.

Take a look at  Cathy`s class. It start September 16. I promise it will be fun. A lot of writing, but fun!

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1 Response to Me: The Abridged Version 2…

  1. Mel says:

    I’ve signed up and I’m so excited about it 🙂 Your album looks amazing! I haven’t decided whether to go the digi route or stick to paper and glue yet though. It might depend how much time I have once class starts…. Love the idea to do a family one, I had thought of redoing the project for each family member at some point 🙂

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