So – I think to myself…

…So – I think to myself, I`m in my own world… again, my head is spinning around and there is no exit to be found.

So – is it possible to create new beginnings?

Before I left for my vacation I signed up for Aby Garvey`s Timemanagment class at Simplify 101. Not because I have to much on my plate:), but because I wanted to look into the possibility of adding something to my life. Not sure what – yet, but it worries me that by adding things I might have to give up on the flexibility I have worked hard to gain.

I had one week left of my vacation when I came home from Mallorca , and I had so many plans for the week. So much for plans…Monday morning I woke up with a bad cold and I have been out of it all week. Good thing I got the laundry done Sunday evening because nothing got done for the rest of the week.

At least I had time to work through all three lessons in Aby`s class. After I read the lessons twice, listened to Aby and read all the good conversations on the message board I could confirm what I already knew: I have all the time in the world. All I have to do is to decide how I want to spend that time. I know – it is a luxury to have time. The class It`s about Time runs again in October at Simplify 101 and the early bird discount ends Sunday September 5. What ever relationship you have with time you will find food for thoughts here.

So – I spent the week reading up on my lessons, uploading vacation photos and search for inspiration. I found this blog and I could not stop reading. I guess Aby`s class had opened me up for this inspiration and right away I knew that this is my challenge for the month of September.

Live a better life in 30 days – challenge.  Today is the first day and it is not too late to join in on the challenge.

The first thing to be done today is to make your life wheel. Interesting. It was very hard to be honest. Funny thing is – I read Cele`s blog last night and made my wheel then. So here is the first draft…

No surprises here. I scored 0 in the romance department:) The idea here is to take action in the areas you score low. So making my final draft today I had to make some compromises. Because I am fine with my 0 score in the romance department and it seemed like a stupid idea to start pulling my hair over my lack of love life.

Shimelle`s class – Learn something new everyday starts today. I did the class last year and stayed with it for two weeks then I was out of things I had learned. Love the idea and the class but it is really hard to find something I learned everyday. Still – I did find a 4 x 6 photo album just in case I did decide to join. Small is good here. Now I will implement this class and the challenge.

A large notebook for journaling and a small photo album to use for photos and highlights. Now – back to the journaling. The life wheel was just the start:)

Last Sunday I had family visiting and we took a walk through the village before we enjoyed Sunday dinner at Bryggjen i Bud.

Kristian was so cute when he turned to his grandmother and stated:”We are having a good time”.

Now – trying to have him face the camera was a totally different thing:)

Busy picking stones to through into the sea. I didn`t have the heart to tell him that someone actually paid for this stone. But, I can think of several great scrapbooking layouts here.

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1 Response to So – I think to myself…

  1. Jean says:

    The life wheel intrigues me – fascinating stuff you’ve found, Elin!

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