My ideal life…

Right now I would say that my ideal life would be on a balcony with a view of an ocean. A balcony where the temperature never would go below 30C. A balcony where I could sit in peace with my self and the rest of the world, thinking about the choices I have.

I would be happy to share this balcony with my sister in-law…

At least I would every time the hotel serve champagne for her birthday:)

Okay – back to the real world. I can`t live my life on a balcony. Honestly – I would, if I could.

It kind of surprised me that my current work hit my dream list. Since my work got a 6 on my life wheel it means I have a lot of work to do before it can reach a 10. That`s okay as long as it can be done within my working hours.

 Money is important. I don`t need that much, but I like to be able to fulfill the dreams when they occurs. Money saving isn`t my strong side but I can if I want to. Honestly, I would use my pension savings any time if I can have the pleasure of this sight…

Kristian knows how to enjoy life and it`s my joy to spend money to make it happen.

Sometimes you have to brake the bank to make the dream come through. Finances was rated 5 on my wheel. The truth is I could have given it 1. The reason I didn`t is that I am okay with money if I can pay my bills, I can pay for my every day needs and I have money left when the next pay check arrive. Now – I would feel better if I had money in the bank so I guess it`s back to saving. It seems I have a block when it comes to thinking of ways to get more money:) I might have to go back and do some more dreaming.

I rated health to a 4, and there is a reason for that…

I am a heavy smoker. I can live on coffee, smoke and sweets all day long. If I add lack of sleep and too much work to the list…Maybe I should have rated my health to be 1? Still – my healt is the best and always have been. I know – life is not fair.

I do dream of a life with less work, more sleep and healthy food. Then my pants would fit again and I would save the money for new ones:)

I love how I spend my free time but I can see that it might be time for a change…

I love working with photos and stories. Like my 2010 version of “Me – The Abridged Version”. But – it might be time to look into other things to add. For the first time in two years I`m not signed up for any classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I would love to see what May Flaum had in her handout for her Adventures in Scrapbooking class today, but I am standing firm.

I do have some things I would like to explore but I can`t classify them as the ultimate dream. I guess you can say I am still looking and exploring:)

Classes or not – I am not skipping Nic Howards class starting in October. If you are a scrapbooker – run and sign up. You do not want to miss this class.

Okay – It is time to make my healty dinner. If you would like to explore the challenge of how to make your dream life during September – it`s not to late to join Celestine Chua`s big Challenge.

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1 Response to My ideal life…

  1. Barb in AK says:

    Hi Elin. I was reading your post and thought, “OH , NO!! Not going to BPS!!” But then I read you will be in Nic’s class. Whew!
    I didn’t sign up for hers , but just started May’s class today 🙂 I’m glad you’ll still be around at BPS. I was in LOM with you, and your layouts were always a great inspiration to me!

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